Trust Have you ever get yourself seated and ask whomever why Trusting capability is growing low? No?. We are in a world where the saying "I don't Trust anyone" is sweetly dancing on everyone's lips. Fact is that, the saying is false cause in reality they do. But with that, it affects the level of … Continue reading TRUST


You said we should wait,Just some seconds it would take.For you to go and come back,On my shoulder,you left with the a smack. Periods changed,Evening came with it's shade."You are coming soon", we claimed,And in continuation we game. At a point, we couldn't wait,Afraid you'd be a bait.For the night - so dark, -That Kiki, … Continue reading Gone

Motivational Word for the day

Here you would be updated with motivational words to make your day! Everyone needs Motivation. A drive into something. And it's right here. 1. Courage is one step ahead of fear. – Coleman Young


Longingly the heart wishes for rest,After the soul and the body had been stressed.Then the night comes with its offerings,Saving the strained mind from all sufferings. Oh! How colourful this is,As the wonderful duties of the stars and moon begins.Illuminating light on the Earth,And send sleep forth.    ©Nammy