Trust Have you ever get yourself seated and ask whomever why Trusting capability is growing low? No?. We are in a world where the saying "I don't Trust anyone" is sweetly dancing on everyone's lips. Fact is that, the saying is false cause in reality they do. But with that, it affects the level of … Continue reading TRUST


The professor

There is this one person I can never forget in my whole life. I mean someone that had a great influence in me. That imparted things into my life. That reveals the real in me. I mean positive things. I saw myself as someone that doesn't have much to give to the world, in fact … Continue reading The professor


Lovely writeup!

dreezy's facade


━━━━━━━━》❈《 ━━━━━━━

I’ll write you memoirs of horror
Then bury it in a dusty haze
As I recount my lifetime as untraceable of its identity
A soul that lost profanity across the dunes of the tropics
Was me, was never me.

I’ll write you of a haven that was a route to paradise
A compassed path engraved at the zenith of the suns reflected shadows
Binding me in exhausted streams of brutal winds

You may find my pen there
As my ink was a spine of the nearest cactus
Disintegrating my mind in twirls of plastics and rusted metals
The Mediterranean was where I would have drew lines of hope
Not in the middle of a sand storm that turned me divine


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